Rimworld is a game where managing, building and exploring a randomly generated planet. The original scenario is where your colonists have been stranded because your spaceship has been destroyed. There are hundreds of scenarios out on the steam workshop, but you can of course also make your own.

Your goal is to survive with your colonists on this hostile planet with other NPC factions.  That means building, designing, defending and farming. Another big role in the game is trading with other factions for resources that you are in need for.


I think its an amazing game, and I even began playing it before it got on steam.  Over these past years playing multiple other games I still have 144 hours in-game. It’s just like when you start the game and begin playing, it’s hard to stop. You should definitely try it out if its something you could see yourself playing.

5 out of 5 Gamer Stars.

Rimwold for beginners

I will tell you all the tricks you need to thrive on the hostile planet.